Rainbow Obsidian A Rare Gemstone Its Characteristics And Properties

Rainbow Obsidian is an intriguing gemstone as it is produced using a mix of iron and phosphorus. The stone looks much the same as Sugilite. The name Rainbow Obsidian has been gotten from its essential components phosphorus and iron. The word iron anyway has been acquired from the Greek language, which is Sideros, thus shaping phosphor-siderite. Other than Rainbow Obsidian, the stone is additionally famously known as Piedrea voga which means pink stone or La Roca Voca which means pink stone in numerous nations.

Shading Variations

This rainbow obsidian gemstone is broadly accessible in light purple orchid like shading. Yellow shading streaks are generally evident right now. The vein like streaks in the stone is known as cacoxenite. Different shades of the stone that are uncommon and valuable are rose-red, earthy ruddy yellow, greenery green, further tones of purple and the most dumbfounding is lackluster Rainbow Obsidian. The stone has a characteristic resinous or vitreous radiance to it giving the crystals slight measure of sheen.

Gemstone Remedies


Rainbow Obsidian is an uncommon pearl and is found especially in Argentina and Chile. Other than these nations, the gemstones in ruddy dark colored shading are commonly discovered joined to pure black shading barbosalite. These kinds of shading stones are found in South Dakota, USA, Bull Moose mine and Custer County. Rainbow Obsidian that is accessible in shades of purple is for the most part discovered connected to somewhat blue purple botryoidal, dull violet tinsleyite botryoidal or an enormous rockbridgeite.

Stones that are found in botryoidal structure are adept for making Rainbow Obsidian cabochons. Geographically the stone should be a variety consequence of the mineral triphyilte that is found in diverse rock pegmatite. An examination proposes that Rainbow Obsidian could likewise be a consequence of dynamic segments that are available in the dirt.


This stone is ideal for gems making. It weighs about 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs size of hardness. In spite of the fact that it is ideal for gems making, it must be treated with paraffin and cleaned with some different materials to give it better solidness and sparkle. The stone has around 2/m crystal and its diaphaneity is for the most part translucent. Some Rainbow Obsidian stones may have obscure diaphaneity. It is secured in enormous amounts of gigantic shakes and mitigated for business use.

Most Rainbow Obsidian stones show sporadic breaks and particular cleavage. The crystalline arrangement of the stone is forbidden in structure or once in a while is likewise found in reniform layer alongside gristly development. The stone dots are accessible in round, oval and prolonged oval shapes in the market.

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