An Outline of Responsibilities of Auto Accident Lawyer in Jersey City

In this 21st century, one of the major reasons of fatalities and injuries are due to collisions of traffic. With the increase in the population, the numbers of vehicles are also increasing exponentially. Road mishaps are a common source these days. The city of Jersey being the 2nd most populated city in the United States, reported more than two lakhs of unfortunate incidents in the year 2018. Different people react differently in an accident depending upon convenience, impact, loss or injury. At times, a larger impact of incidents can leave a psychological effect on the concerned people. Minor occurrences sometimes are not even recorded.

Auto Accident Lawyer

Even if the person is not the reason for the incident still he has to claim with his own insurance company according to the no-fault policy in New Jersey. This means both the culprit as well as the victim has to file the report to the insurance agency for giving medical support. No matter whose fault it is. These kinds of technicalities require professional help. Jersey City car accident lawyer comes into the play and guides for further procedures. These procedures can be categorized in the simple phases for better understanding:

  • Phase 1 -Observation: Interviewing the client about the full incident in details. Explaining the total procedure to the client along with the necessary information. Research on the evidence gathered which shall support the claim of the client. This investigation comprises of evidences that are present physically on the accident site, witnesses, and clear photographs of the vehicles as well as the site. This also requires reviewing the insurance policy to evaluate how much coverage is possible.
  • Phase 2- Analyzing: in this phase it has to be ensured if the third party is responsible of the incident caused. They also have to look into the fact if there are evidences that might reduce the claim of recovery.
  • Phase3- Filing: In the next phase after all evidences are looked into thoroughly, proper filing of the claim has to be done with the insurance agencies or companies. They also have to contact them officially to notify about the claim. Then negotiations are preceded.
  • Phase 4- Trial: Before the case is taken for trial, a lawsuit is filed. Drafts of complains and summons are prepared so that parties and witnesses can attend hearings. Once the case is forwarded for trial, if there is requirement of necessary post-trial motion drafts are filed.

Although every case in unique in its own way, it requires different procedures to be followed. The above mentioned phases are a simple outline of the role of an auto-vehicle accident attorney. These lawyers are trained and skilled in legal proceedings with long term experience. Their work might look simple but requires a lot of strength both physically and mentally. They always try to assure that maximum recovery from the claim can be incurred. This shall motivate the client to lead a positive life in the future by compensating their losses as much as possible.

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