What is Kratom? Information about Its Uses and Overdose

Kratom has been used by Eastern practitioners for several decades, and they have been using to treat a host of mental and physical disorders in the human body. Various studies have shown that it can help alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety in patients, but due to lack of research regarding this herb is has not been regulated by FDA yet. This herbal extract grows in abundance in the tropical regions of Malaysia and Thailand, and the native people not only use it to treat bodily pains but also for its psychoactive properties of getting you “high”. It is rapidly being endorsed in the US by various health experts and is considered the most effective natural alternative to opioid pain relievers.

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People who are looking for sustainable ways for staying off opiates find it really beneficial, because it helps them keep the symptoms associated with opium intake at bay. Despite the DEA’s plans in the past about banning this drug, it is still being purchased in large quantities all over the US because of its promising results. Its leaves can either be chewed directly, or they can also brewed in teas to promote a soothing sensation in the body. You can even smoke the crushed leaves to enjoy its mind-altering functions – which in turn might help to temporarily treat your depression and anxiety. If you are looking to purchase best kratom products, then make sure to check out the website of Greenville Kratom now.

The overdose of this plant extract can trigger seizures and psychosis in some patients with minimum tolerance to its psychoactive properties. In order to ward off its toxic effects, you should keep the dosage low. This way you can treat your cough and diarrhea without having to worry about overdosing with this drug.

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